Let’s go Shopping: Healthcare Discounts for Fun and Necessities

From scrubs to the latest and greatest smart phone - you can get it all at a better price!

Whether you are shopping for things you need for work or to get comfortable in a new location, or are ready to update your image to match your new lifestyle, businesses across the USA are all in to give you preferential discounts as a well-earned Thank You for your service. Check out our tips for getting the best deals for healthcare professionals and our directory of some of the best!

ID Verification Methods

There are two main methods that retailers and service providers use to verify your status as a healthcare professional so that they can give you a discount. Both are easy to set up and entitle you to some fantastic savings.


Many businesses like to offer medical, military and law enforcement personnel generous discounts as an acknowledgment of their service. As part of its comprehensive identity-proofing service for the healthcare profession, ID.me provides the means for them to verify the identity of such customers and apply the discount automatically.
You sign up for an account with them and after you have provided your documents and been approved, you will be able to access a wide range of discounts and benefits across the US.


SheerID is used by many retailers to provide an easy way for healthcare professionals amongst others to prove their entitlement to the service discounts they offer.
Unlike ID.me, with SheerID you upload your proof of service each time at checkout. You are taken to the SheerID site where you can deal with verification quickly and easily. 
Their site has a great directory of participating shops, a first stop for many when considering new purchases.

Adidas offer healthcare workers 30% discount shopping online or 20% in store. Verify your status with ID.me.

Medical workwear suppliers for scrubs and uniforms and more besides. Regular deals throughout the year and always worth a look

40% discount on Sportswear and Equipment for medical professionals.

Bose offer discounts on their audio products to healthcare workers verified by ID.me

25% discount on beds and bedding for healthcare workers. Verified by ID.me

What nurse doesn’t know the value of comfortable, good quality underwear? Calvin Klein offers 20% discount verified by ID.me.

25% discount on Carhartt’s tough work and casual wear including scrubs and PPE. Verified through ID.me

Free Pair of super-comfortable, super-practical Crocs for Healthcare Workers

ID.me discounts on Home Chef meal deliveries for Healthcare workers

Free Covid Safety training course for Healthcare professionals

Strong, comfortable footwear with 20% off for nurses.

15% Discount on high quality (and very fashionable) sportswear for healthcare workers and other services. Verified by SheerID

Standard free cleaning and oil changes for healthcare workers nationwide.

Scrubs and other nurse essentials by subscription with savings for pre-paying a year and other discounts.

10% Discount on many items. Verified by SheerID for healthcare workers and others.

10% off your check on presentation of your healthcare worker ID.

Verify with ID.me to become a member of ClubO and receive all kinds of benefits and discounts on a huge range of home goods.

Verify with ID.me to get 10% off your order of Puma Sportswear.

10% off your order for mattresses, pillows, bedding and even pet beds! Verify with SheerID.

Not so much a discount, Puracy will donate their natural sanitisation products to groups and organizations who need it during the pandemic.

A generous 40% discount for healthcare workers on all Reebok products. Verify with ID.me

20% discount verified via SheerID on excellent shoes for people whose feet needs some extra love.

Up to 30% discount for healthcare professionals and others on most Samsung products. Verified with ID.me

Offering a 15% discount on their stylish range of comfortable, durable shoes and boots for healthcare workers during the Covid Pandemic.

15% discount on most Therabody massage therapy devices for healthcare workers. Verify with ID.me

Tula Skincare give great discounts via ID.me and also sponsor a Medical School Scholarship for communities under-represented in medicine. 

Verify with ID.me for 20% off all your purchases at Under Armour. 

Verify with ID.me for 15% of Vera Bradley products such as bags and backpacks, sleepwear, shoes, homegoods and clothing.

This is not an exhaustive list! The SheerID and ID.me directories have dozens if not hundreds of exciting and useful discounts. Companies, shops and all manner of other providers across the USA offer healthcare worker and first responder discounts. Always worth a look around the site – and don’t be afraid to ask! 

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